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OKay, Okra! PRACTICE. Africulture, Tanzania. 9.20.23

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Today we are happy to announce the first harvest, OKRA!! Director, Curthbeth Ngwenuke picked and ate Okra and said it was very tasty!

This summer, we established Africulture's Ballethnic Community Garden in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. From the generous support from Ms. Nena Gilreath, Mr. Waverly Lucas, Dr. Mama Theresa Howard, Ballethnic Dance Company and Edielegba Senior Dance Company land was cleared, fenced and holes were dug.

With ritual, dancing, singing, and a drum circle Ms. Nena Gilreath, Mr. Waverly Lucas, and Dr. Theresa Howard was led by Mwalimu Maeda planting seeds for the nourishment and sustenance of the Bwagamoyo Africulture Community.

We planted seeds of black pepper, green pepper, bitter tomato, papaya, tembele (spinach) and OKRA.

Under the direction of Mwalimu Maeda who is also a choreographer, storyteller, and retired professor from TaSUBA Art College, community members prepared the land for cultivation.

Special thanks to Chubwa leading the garden project.

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