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*the "L" stands for love or loss
May 16-20, 2024, 7 Stages Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia

F(L)IGHT is a meditation on intuition, memory, and forgetting.  Building on WITNESS: Pearl the performance piece and archival installation produced for the 2021 Curious Future Encounters, Dr. shady Radical explores the sixth sense, intuition, in F(L)IGHT (*L stands for love or loss) to interrogate what we remember in our bodies, or preserve in our embodied archives and what it does when we are threatened with survival.  

About the show

F(L)IGHT puts audiences in conversation with Deaf Republic and the hearing-impaired community, by showing us how processes of remembering and forgetting, like deafness, can be considered acts of resistance. Interpreter, Billy Sanders says signing is his “mother tongue” while Ilya Kominsky illustrates how deafness can constitute protest.  Additionally, if remembering and forgetting can be considered automated fight or flight responses to processes and hormones in our nervous system, how does the role of the mother, mothering, and mother tongue function or fail as stewards of the embodied archive?

This work digs deeper into the archives of Pearl Cleage and her work at 7 Stages Theatre.  Through movement, music, archival material and textiles display we present a 1-act production in the Main Stage Dressing Room. This work draws from the work of Black memory workers Holly Smith, Tonia Sutherland, Zakiya Collier, movement scholar Julie Johnson, as well as, afrofuturist thinkers Adrienne Brown and Aku Kadogo.


Meet the Team

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Thank you to all those that support the work.

Curious Sensory Encounters

7 Stages Theatre

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