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Services We Offer

Archival Services

Our preservation service is designed to assist mid-career artists, professionals, and companies move their archive from their private home to preservation companies including T.R.A.P. digital repository and/or another institutional repository.

- assess collections

- create inventory

- establish archive

- make recommendations on donations

- digital repository (forthcoming)


T.R.A.P. is a performance-based preservation archive that aims to center the body in their work.  T.R.A.P. Articles and Presentations are fully produced theatrical works that use performance to make your work accessible to the public or private audiences.  Through research and preservation T.R.A.P. presents your work through live performance.  This service also includes an exhibition and catalogue.


We provide resources on archiving and preserving collections through our online workshop series.  These workshops are monthly, global, and open to the public through registration.  These workshops center the work of black memory workers and cultural caretakers around the world.  Learn how to approach your own archive through these creative ways of care-taking and memory working.

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