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Social Justice
Fellow 2022-24

Dr. shady Radical is currently pursuing a Master’s in the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alabama. As a Social Justice Fellow, she is invested in expanding her knowledge and toolkit towards equity in the archives. 

shady Radical's Social Justice e-Portfolio

University of Alabama 

School of Library and Information Sciences

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Diversity and Inclusion Project

An analysis of existing diversity and inclusion responses to Black memory workers and cultural caretakers in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Radical proposed a range of responsive strategies to further cultural competence and effective leadership in the diverse workforce environment. She critically evaluated a variety of existing information responses (e.g., collections, services, programs, resources, policies, and best practices) to ensure equality/equity of representation, access, and information use of diverse stakeholders in my community-centered organizational setting. The focus is on an evaluation of website-based and/or on-site information offerings. I also develop a strategic diversity action plan for the information organization to identify future directions of progressive growth and professional practice. One of the outcomes of this project was The Rooted in Memory Workshop Series.


Social Justice Project

An implementation of very select responsive strategies and actions plan to further community needs, expectations, and representation in the specific setting and workforce environment of the communication agency or information organization to identify future directions of progressive growth and professional practice. The project provides a glimpse of social justice actions proposed and/or taken through application of select systematic methods. It documents this process upon reflection of the limited experience to gather insights that can get operationalized in greater depth during future initiatives. One of the outcomes of this project is the establishment of a library and archive in Bagamoyo, Tanzania in partnership with Bwagamoyo Africulture, a dance and drum organiztion.


Researcher & Visual Documentarian, 2010
Township Sartorialism, Cape Town, South Africa

Fall 2010, shady Radical explored clothing and dress practices in the townships of South Africa's Cape Flats during the post-apartheid era. She was interested in how access to media and internet affected the visual landscape and beauty ideals of the local community.  With the help of local photographer Lindeka Qampi, under the supervision of Paul Weinberg, Head of Visual Archives Department at The University of Cape Town, and the support by New York University's Steinhardt School, Radical created a collection of visual stories.

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