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Our Clients


Bwagamoyo Africulture is a traditional and contemporary performing arts company based on the Indian Ocean coast of Tanzania.  This group of 30 professionally trained artist tour the region and give dance instruction to local communities and visiting companies.  T.R.A.P. provides preservation consultation, workshops, and training, as well as grant writing services and business managment.

Radical. Ballethnic. fig1.jpg

Ballethnic Dance Company is a mom-and-pop dance company, founded in 1990 by Mr. Waverly Lucas and Ms. Nena Gilreath based in East Point, Georgia.  This partnership began with a Dance/USA Fellowship in the summer of 2022.  Today TRAP continues working with the archiving, promoting access to the materials, and facilitating relationships with the AUC student community.


Derron Cherry,
Founder and Clothing Designer "BEEOMBI"

Derron Cherry is a clothing designer based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Not only does he design clothing for runway, photoshoots, editorial, and billboards he is one of the lead costume designers at Tyler Perry Studios.  Cherry's own brand BEEOMBI offers avant garde design to the everyday sartorialist.  T.R.A.P. organizes Cherry's archival holdings and maintains an oral history project with the artist

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