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BWAGAMOYO AFRICULTURE is a non-governmental organization registered with Tanzania Arts Council since 2015. In 2005 a group of dancers, drummers, and performers who trained at TAASISI YA SANAA NA UTAMADUNI BAGAMOYO (TaSUBa) began working to establish a professional performance group that would travel, conduct cultural research, share, and promote traditional and contemporary arts. Through collaborations and partnerships this group has been able to support and develop the professional performance practices of its 30+ membership. This serves as a positive and consistent stream of income for locals who have studied performing arts.   Africulture invests in the local and national arts community through community engagement and instruction as well as performance contracts with governmental and large corporate agencies. Africulture instructors teach African traditional dance, acrobatics, theater, drama and drumming.

Africulture has performed internationally since 2012 with Alliance Francie (Kenya), Bagamoyo International Festival (Tanzania), Zanzibar Film Festival (Zanzibar), Haba na Haba International Contemporary Dance (Tanzania), Green Peace festival (Tanzania), Kendwa Rocks Full Moon Party (Zanzibar), Dusud festival (France and Spain), Tyrolen Festival (Sweden), Surajkund Festival


T.R.A.P started working with Africulture in 2022 providing preservation support, grant-writing, and other community engagement support.  With an award from The International Association of Blacks in Dance, we were able to produce the 2023 week-long Performance and Preservation Festival with free dance, drumming, and drama workshops, a dance initiative with Ballethnic Dance Company, as well as, archiving and memory work gatherings. 

Bwagamoyo Africulture

Meet the Team

Africulture Leadership

Happiness Justine Ngwena

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Happiness Justine Ngwena is the Assistant secretary of Africulture, since 2013 helping the next generation of artists who lack the opportunity to nurture their own creative talents. With a certificate of performing arts and visual arts at Bagamoyo college of arts, Happiness uses that experience to develop her own craft and share her expertise with the artists surrounding her.

Hassani Saidi Ramadhani


Hassani Saidi Ramadhani is a choreographer at Africulture  with a certificate of performing arts and visual arts at Bagamoyo college of arts. Being with the group since 2010, he joined Africulture to continue his practice of the arts and to share his knowledge with others who lack the opportunities. With the goal of making Art a viable job in his community, he’s helping make his mark by empowering younger artists to study and pursue their artistic urges.

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Ibrahim Mrisho Kibwana

Ibrahim Mrisho kibwana wears many hats as the chairman, dancer, choreographer, and founder at Africulture. Built off the vision of self employment through the arts, he has helped maintain the comradeship amongst the group by helping them reach their goals. Similar to his peers, he enjoys the fruits of his labor by continuing his work as an art teacher and broadening the realm of possibility for other young artists.

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Curthbeth j. Ngwenuke born and raised on the Bagamoyo coast Tanzania in East Africa. He is an artist director, photographer, college candidate in the Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI).  In his free time he works as a football coach and educator for children and youth. He is Founder member of Bwagamoyo Africulture. He believes the youth can develop, have self-employment and change the world through arts production and creativity. His role as a director of the organization has made an impact on more youth reflecting in their growing self-confidence and ambition.

Curthbeth Ngwenuke


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